Music Media Employee Benefits | Communication Strategies
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Communication Strategies

Effective and regular communication of benefits to employees is one of the best ways to improve your return on investment – but it only works if you do it in a language and style that works for your people.

We have in-depth experience of how to tailor a simple, but effective communication programme for creative and media clients.

Working with you, we will agree what works best for your type of workforce and practices. We use solutions such as:

  • f2f presentations
  • one to one meetings
  • email circulars
  • dedicated phone lines
  • in house Q&A sessions
  • existing pensions advice
  • intranet / extranet content
  • letters
  • branded employee announcements
  • fun ideas that capture attention

A variety of methods are all combined to get the corporate message across – all done in way that suits your company culture.