Pensions Solutions

We consult and advise on the best solutions to use.

We will work closely with you to understand your business and to implement a pension arrangement that suits your current position and future growth plans.

At the heart of everything we do, we look to ensure that your pension scheme offers value for money, is low maintenance from an administration perspective and will be delivered to your employees in a language that they will understand.

Workplace Pension Reforms & Auto Enrolment

Over the next few years small to medium employers will be affected by the new laws.

They will have to ensure that they comply with their new duties and hefty fines can be imposed for any employers that don’t.

The rules are complex; operating a pension scheme is just one small part of these reforms and months of careful planning are necessary to ensure a smooth and timely delivery.

We can provide you with our detailed employer guide that sets out everything you need to do in order to comply. Speak to one of our Head of Corporate Pensions,

Contact Malcolm Lyons, to find out how we can assist you on your journey to auto enrolment compliance.

Existing Pension Scheme Audits – Is your scheme still fit for purpose?

Many employers already operate a pension scheme in the workplace. However, it is likely that these schemes were set up many years ago and have never been formerly reviewed. It is an ideal opportunity given the changes in law, that your existing arrangement is assessed, as it could be the case that it is no longer suitable and cannot meet your future requirements.

Our scheme audit and review service will lift the lid on what you already have and will compare this to the latest pension solutions available to you. Speak to Malcolm Lyons for an initial chat about your situation.

Salary Exchange – Is your pension scheme running as efficiently as it could be?

Whether an existing pension scheme or a new arrangement that is being implemented now, salary exchange offers an efficient method for employers to run their pension scheme.

Commonly referred to as ‘salary sacrifice’, our salary exchange package can be added to an existing arrangement or built in to the implementation planning of a new workplace pension scheme.

This method of making contributions has benefits for both employee and employer and can potentially generate some significant cost savings for the company. These savings can be used to offset employer costs, passed back to the employee as a ‘top up’ contribution or used to help fund additional employee benefits.

Speak to us to understand the potential costs savings you could make.